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Rear Loader

What is it?

While the front loader is more common and widely recognized, the rear loader performs an equally important function, especially in reverse-drive tractors. Its advanced features and functionalities make it a reliable ally for farmers and agricultural machinery operators.

What is it like and how does it work?

The rear loader is moved through 4 double-acting cylinders using tractor hydraulics.
The only version available is the one with 3-point connection, easy to install and universal, designed specifically to equip small tractors ensuring maximum performance.
The tractor operator has complete control of the rear loader thanks to a joystick positioned directly in the driver’s seat. This joystick is connected to an additional distributor through remote controls, ensuring an intuitive and precise driving experience.

Among the standard features of the rear loader, the following stand out:

  • Self-leveling system: It constantly maintains the optimal angle of the terminal tool, regardless of variations in terrain. This ensures greater precision and even distribution of the load during work.
  • Double pivot: Allows for wider working angles, increasing the versatility of the tool.
  • Semi-automatic quick attachment: Significantly facilitates the timely attachment and detachment of a wide range of agricultural implements. This rapid exchange of tools saves valuable time and increases efficiency in fieldwork.


  • Robustness of anchoring brackets: Due to the central articulation of the tractor, it’s not possible to create a structure extending from the front axle to the rear. However, we manufacture extremely robust anchoring brackets thanks to the lifting mechanism. This means that the anchoring points are stronger, ensuring a secure connection between the rear loader and the tractor. This is essential for heavy-duty work and ensuring operator safety.
  • Enhanced visibility: With the rear loader, the operator enjoys a clear and unobstructed view of the work area. Without the tractor’s front hood obstructing the view, it’s possible to work with greater precision and safety.
  • Improved stability: The tractor’s engine serves as ballast, increasing the vehicle’s stability. This allows for the safe handling of heavier loads, minimizing the risk of overloading on the axles. Greater stability is particularly advantageous.




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