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Tree Shear

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What is it?

The tree shear is specialized equipment designed for felling, cutting, and manipulating trees and branches in forestry operations.
Equipped with a sharp Hardox cutting blade, properly sharpened, it serves as a reliable ally in deforestation operations, providing precision and versatility for targeted interventions such as selective tree removal and forest area cleaning. It is available in two models with cutting capacities of 250mm and 380mm.


  • Standard Version: The tree shear is rigidly attached to the excavator’s attachment (quick coupler or pin-on) with the option to retract or tilt the tool.
    For this version, a double-acting hammer line is sufficient.
  • Rotation Version: Allows the tree shear to be equipped with a tilt kit, enabling approximately 40° tilting of the grapple to the right/left, or with an industrial rotor providing unlimited 360° rotation.
    This version requires 2 double-acting auxiliary services (4 oil ports).
  • Optional Gatherer: An additional chute bolted above the tree shear, responsible for holding and gathering multiple small-sized trees to avoid the need to unload the shear after each cut.

Operating Mode

During the felling phase, the operator positions the tree shear with the open position, placing the appropriate serrated part of the tool against the trunk.
By activating the closing command, the mobile part will press the trunk against the cutting blade, performing the cut.
At this point, the trunk will be resting on the blade and supported by the mobile part.


  • In the standard version, it can be used with only the double-acting hammer line, as both the cutting and holding of the trunk are achieved by a single hydraulic cylinder.
  • Due to its reduced weight, it can be mounted not only on excavators but also on telescopic handlers and wheel loaders.
  • Hardox blade bolted and interchangeable, easy to replace.
  • Well-designed structure and design for low maintenance and wear.
  • Possibility of use on different machines thanks to the bolted attachment.
  • It finds applications in multiple fields, particularly appreciated in contexts with brambles, shrubs, and undergrowth flora around trees, where a tree shear with a chainsaw could encounter difficulties due to continuous snags and interferences on the chainsaw bar.




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