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Tree Shear Kit

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What is it?

At Dalmasso, in addition to offering the classic forestry shear for mere felling, we provide an innovative kit with a cutting Hardox blade that allows you to equip EVO grapples, transforming a standard grapple into a highly versatile solution, optimized for felling.

How does it work?

Our Hardox cutting blade kit allows for a quick transition between felling, stacking, and loading operations without the need to change equipment.
This is made possible by a hydraulic system that allows the blade (single or double) to be stored in the resting position quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum efficiency in the field and minimizing the kit’s footprint.


  • Versatile functionality: EVO grapples equipped with our kit offer exceptional versatility, allowing operators to perform a variety of tasks without interruptions or equipment changes, saving time and resources.
  • Rugged Materials for the toughest conditions: The single or double cutting blade kit in Hardox is made with high-quality materials known for their strength and durability. Ensuring reliable performance even in the toughest conditions and a long product lifespan.
  • Enhanced operator safety: MiBand grapples with the single or double cutting blade kit in Hardox are designed to increase safety during felling operations.


Single Retractable Cutting
The single cutting blade kits cover a wide range of cutting diameters, with cuts available from 100mm to 400mm. This configuration offers an ideal solution to adapt to various customer needs.

In this version, a single Hardox blade is responsible for the complete cutting of the plant. Despite the lightness and cost-effectiveness of the kit, it is important to note that it may be more susceptible to distortion if the operator tilts the grapple before completing the cut since the blade is not reinforced and needs to penetrate entirely inside the plant.
When in the resting position, the blade closes inside a dedicated structure. The operator, hydraulically, opens the blade, grabs the tree to be cut, and activates the blade closure command. The blade penetrates the trunk, making the cut, and then closes again in the resting position.
This way, the trunk is supported solely by the grapple’s force.

Double Retractable Cutting
The double cutting blade kits cover the same wide range of cutting diameters, from 100mm to 400mm, offering a versatile solution for individual customer needs.

In this version, two Hardox blades, one right and one left, are completely open in the resting position, above the grapple’s subframe, completely eliminating the bulkiness. This kit, heavier and bulkier than the single cutting blade, features two cylinders and a specific reinforcing rib that reinforces the blades.
When the blade is in the fully open position, the operator can grab the tree to be cut and activate the blade closing command. The blades penetrate the trunk, making the cut until partially overlapping. This way, the trunk is supported by the two blades and held by the force of the grapple.




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