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What is it?

The excavator ripper is a robust and specialized attachment designed to enhance the efficiency of excavators during operations such as excavation, demolition, compacted soil movement, and root and bush extraction.
It consists of one or more sturdy teeth mounted on a solid structure and connected to the excavator’s pin or quick attach. These teeth penetrate the ground, breaking it apart and extracting roots and unwanted materials, allowing the excavator to tackle challenging tasks with ease.

How does it work?

  • Penetration: The ripper uses one or more sharp teeth to penetrate the ground or the material to be removed. The operator controls the ripper’s depth of descent through the hydraulic controls in the excavator’s cabin, allowing for precise adjustment of penetration depth.
  • Material Breaking: Once the teeth make contact with the ground, the operator applies a rotational and lifting force to the teeth, penetrating compact material, such as hard soils, even with the presence of rocks.
  • Soil Movement: After breaking and disintegrating the soil, the excavator can easily move or remove debris or extract roots and bushes using the excavator’s arm and bucket.

The ripper significantly increases work efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to tackle challenging terrains.


  • Single Tooth Ripper
    Description: The single tooth ripper is ideal for operations requiring extreme precision at the breaking point.
    Advantages: Provides precise and controlled penetration, reducing damage to surrounding materials.
    Application Sectors: Suitable for excavation in rocky, hard terrains, and other applications requiring precision.
  • Multiripper
    Description: The Multiripper is equipped with multiple teeth arranged efficiently to maximize effectiveness in breaking compacted soils.
    Advantages: Increases productivity by tackling harder terrains and covering a wider area in a single pass.
    Application Sectors: Ideal for excavations on challenging terrains, demolition works, root removal, and construction projects requiring high efficiency.
Both versions, upon request, can be equipped with interchangeable excavation capsule teeth.

Since it’s not a standard product we manufacture, it’s completely customizable according to customer needs and machine attachment.




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