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Grapple Plant/Eradicate Poles

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What is it?

The pole planting/removing grapple is a tool specifically designed for planting and removing poles of various shapes and materials, essential for work in orchards and vineyards.

How is it made?

It is composed of:

  • A fixed structure, with an attachment plate for an excavator
  • A movable part, specially shaped to grip both cylindrical and square poles
  • A toothed section, essential for pulling operations
  • A central tube, located at the bottom of the grapple, facilitates burial operations by holding the superficial part of the pole inside

How does it work?

The pole planting grapple is operated by a powerful hydraulic cylinder. The excavator, by tilting the tool, manages to grab the pole from the trailer or the ground. Then, by retracting the grapple, it positions it upright and plants it into the soil.
To complete the operation, it’s possible to press the pole with the excavator’s hydraulic system, centering it on the tube located beneath the grapple.


With just one grapple mounted on an excavator, dismantling or preparing an entire orchard becomes a more timely and secure task.


We offer two models for excavators ranging from 15 to 150 tons:

Small Model
  • Minimum Grip: 60
  • Maximum Grip: 260
  • Weight: 50kg
Large Model
  • Minimum Grip: 80
  • Maximum Grip: 340
  • Weight: 90kg


Can be equipped with:
  • Demolition hammer and pile driver tool
  • Hydraulic auger for pre-drilling
  • Pole rotation kit with bearings
  • Teeth kit for internal demolition
  • Industrial rotator
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