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Fork For Logs

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What is it and how does it work?

The log fork F.lli Dalmasso is a fork with various configurations.
Depending on the needs, the material to be handled, and the capabilities of the machine to which the tool will be connected, it is possible to have and request different shapes and quantities of lower forks and retainers. The retainers can be independent or connected by a supporting structure for synchronous movement.

Where is it used?

This type of log fork finds widespread use in many places such as sawmills, timber yards, and generally in locations where wooden materials, logs, branches, etc., are worked on or transported.


  • Increased efficiency and speed of work
  • Makes the machine to which it is connected multi-purpose
  • 100% Customizable
  • Possibility to request different shapes and quantities of lower forks and retaining forks
  • Independent retainers or connected by a structure for a synchronous movement
  • Completely made to measure

A little curiosity

In the 1980s, our company was a pioneer in the manufacturing of these forks, some of which were shipped to Africa to carry out significant controlled deforestation projects.

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  • Forcone industriale per tronchi su pala gommata doosan
  • forca per tronchi su telescopico jcb
  • forca per tronchi dalmasso fossano
  • forconi per tronchi dalmasso per pale gommate




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