Benna Alto Ribaltamento per Caricatori Frontali e Pale Gommate

High Tipping Bucket

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What is it?

The high tipping bucket increases the discharge height and it’s applicable to tractors, telescopic handlers, and wheel loaders.
It finds widespread use in chipping and biogas plants and is ideal for handling bulky materials at high heights such as grain, seeds, beets, silage, wood pieces, and manure.

How does it work?

The high tipping bucket is used like a regular bucket, but when necessary, where a standard bucket wouldn’t reach, thanks to a special internal square-shaped structure and by activating the internal hydraulic cylinders, it lifts by tilting, easily discharging the material inside. In doing so, it saves time and increases the efficiency of the work performe.

The models

We manufacture custom high tipping buckets tailored to your needs and the capabilities of your machine.
Upon request, and if the operating machine allows it, you can request the heavy-duty version, ideal for handling materials with a higher specific weight such as manure, coal, etc.


  • High dumping height and capacity
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Excellent penetration performance
  • Bolt-on wear plate as standard
  • Custom built to meet every need
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