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High Capacity Bucket

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What is it?

To meet each individual request, every bucket is designed side by side with the customer, optimized for the material to be handled. This way, we design and build buckets with completely customizable widths, heights, and capacities, with attachments suitable for the machine on which it is mounted.
The high-capacity bucket is ideal for moving bulky materials such as grain, seeds, silage, etc. They are widely used in chipping and biogas plants.

How is it made?

Our high-capacity buckets have a thick wear-resistant blade welded in front of the bucket, onto which a second double-edged wear-resistant blade is bolted, thanks to a series of holes. This ensures a longer lifespan.
On the outer part of the side walls, there is a reinforcement plate welded to stabilize the cutting edge and strengthen the side. For large-sized buckets, one or more internal ribs are provided


  • Unparalleled penetration and working angles
  • Sturdy and resistant
  • You can request the heavy version for the handling of materials with high specific weight (manure, carbon, etc)
  • Heavy version: ideal for handling materials with higher specific weight such as manure, coal, etc (if the machine allows it)
  • Custom built to meet every need


  • Standard
  • Heavy-duty: ideal for handling materials with higher specific weight such as manure, coal, etc. (if the machine allows it)


Upon request, buckets can be made conical.
The conical shape allows for quick and complete emptying of the bucket since the material is not compressed inside.




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