Prolunga porta pinza e rotore per escavatore

Grapple Holder Tool For Excavator

Ideal for transforming the excavator into professional forestry equipment.
Can be connected to the excavators.


  • It does not need stabilizers, therefore the machine remains very fast in the movements
  • Possibility to customize your own grapple holder tool with different working angles
  • Different types of attachments
  • Greater safety, each maneuver is performed by the operator in the cab, protected from any danger

Our options for grapple holder tool for excavators

  • PUSH SIMPLE PLANTS OR THREE-SIDED WITH A SEALING PIN, ideal for securing plants first of the felling.
    The rounded profile is placed in pushing position, at an adequate height, on the trunk to prevent it from falling during cutting operations on the operator.
  • INFERIOR FOOT OF SUPPORT, it is useful to support the excavator in case of tight manoeuvres or to support it in case of work on a slope or in case of danger of sinking. You can request it with curved profile to push the logs.
  • DIGGING BUCKET, It is a real bucket for digging, positioned as the lower part of the tool. It can be used as a support, as a tool to perform small excavation and levelling operations.
    On request, it can be used as a plant pusher with a rounded profile in the center of the “teeth” of the bucket.
  • CUTTING TOOTH, A hardox knife, milled, mounted on the top or bottom of the tool. Thanks to the strength of the excavator, the log, positioned on the excavator blade, can be cut into several parts.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE INFERIOR SUPPORT, shaped detail that can be used as a support foot when, positioned perpendicular to the ground, the “teeth” of the profile make it capable of carrying out small leveling operations to prepare the surface to pass over. In a position parallel to the ground, on the other hand, it is useful as a plant push.
  • prolunga per escavatore con pinza miband dalmasso fossano
  • prolunga dalmasso per escavatore al lavoro
  • pinza miband evo dalmasso al lavoro
  • pinza su braccio escavatore dalmasso al lavoro
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  • braccio con prolunga dalmasso su escavatore al lavoro
  • antenna porta pinza miband dalmasso per escavatore
  • antenna dalmasso per escavatore al lavoro
  • prolunga escavatore con pinza miband dalmasso




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