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Forestry Extension for Telehandler

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What is it?

The grapple extension for telescopic handlers is ideal for handling freshly cut trees in forests, riverbanks, or for use in sawmills. Thanks to the versatility of the telescopic handler, it also works well for stacking.

The uniqueness of the Dalmasso tool lies in the collaborative design process with the customer, ensuring the creation of the optimal tool based on the vehicle’s capabilities and requirements.

The Dalmasso grapple extension in no way eliminates the final movement of the telescopic arm and does not restrict any motion.


  • Does not limit any movement of the telescopic
  • Maximum safety thanks to cab controls
  • It does not need stabilizers, therefore the machine remains very fast in the movement
  • The capacity of the telescopic ensures the displacement of large quantities of wood

Technical data

For any models of telehandler
  • Weight: 100/150 kg

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