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Forestry Loaders by F.lli Dalmasso

Since 1960 the company F.lli Dalmasso operates in the field of construction of agricultural and forestry equipment. For three generations, as tailors, we provide our customers loaders, made to measure, customized, cutting-edge, attention to detail and always able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We build and assemble on site every mechanical and hydraulic component, of which we guarantee lifetime spare parts.

They are very versatile equipment, born from the need to have a machine to do everything. Ideal for dragging logs in the woods, loading trailers, stacking and working in sawmill.
Their stability is guaranteed by the very robust attachment structure that connects the front and rear axles. With only one tractor equipped with front loader forestry, rear winch and trailer can be performed to the full all deforestation work. They do not need stabilizers in any way, so they are appreciated for their agility in moving. They are completely removable leaving the tractor free for maintenance.

The forestry loaders are built with the tractor in our factory. Therefore forestry loaders are only marketed in Italy.
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